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Janice Godrich (President – PCS) speaking at the London No2EU event

Janice Godrich speaking on CSCS (Civil Service Compensation Scheme)

Christine Blowers (General Secretary – NUT)
speaking on building stronger unions.

Trailer of the new film ‘Made In Dagenham’ which dramatizes the strike in the Ford factory
in Dagenham in 1968 by women who demanded equal pay to their male counterparts.

Christine Blowers speaking at the ‘Free the Miami 5’ event

Report in the Metro (Thursday Oct 7th 2010)


A carpenter who was sexually harassed at work may never get the payout awarded to her by a tribunal because he former employer has gone into liquidation. Kathryn Brown was due to receive nearly £40,000 damages from Janes and Albone Carpentry after a tribunal heard she had her crotch grabbed by her boss, Tim Garrett. ‘It was like he was stalking me,’ said the 27-year-old. ‘It gradually got worse. I’d go home in tears. He was a bully who seemed obsessed with me. He even locked me in a pitch dark container while he had coffee.’ Mr Garrett also sent porn images to her mobile phone, spread sexually offensive rumours about her, grabbed her from behind and kissed her neck.

When Miss Brown – the only woman carpenter in the construction company – complained to her bosses, Mr Garrett was suspended. But he returned to work after Miss Brown resigned in November 2009. Three weeks later, company director Garry Janes wrote to her, saying her grievance had not been upheld as ‘none of the allegations can be proved.’
An employment tribunal in Ashford, Kent, disagreed and in June, ordered the company to pay £32,463 compensation,
with Mr Garrett hit with a £5,549 personal bill for damages.

But the company was wound up in March – while Mr Janes continued trading as Janes and Albone London which still
employs Mr Garrett.

‘It’s unfortunate for Miss Brown – but at the time of the company going into liquidation, she wasn’t actually owed any
money,’ said Mr Janes.

‘We did investigate Miss Brown’s allegations and suspended Mr Garrett – but we found them to be unfounded.’
Miss Brown, from Chartham, Kent, said he was ‘laughing at the court’. She said, ‘I just want this whole thing over so I
can get on with my life.’