Students Wake Up At Last and Realise Why Trade Unions Were Formed Over 100 Years Ago

At last, the youth of Britain is fighting back. For far too long we have accepted what happens and just get on with it.

Now is the time for trade unions to assist the students and harness their energy and commitment.

The only disappointing thing is that it takes an issue directly involved with them to spark them into life.

Britain has become an ‘I only care for myself’ country. We need to stand together on big issues and not let somebody else do our dirty work.

Unison, Unite and other trade unions should be recruiting and giving these students some direction.

Now is our chance to show and treat young people what trade unions are really about, not leave them to do their own thing.

This is our chance to bring young people into the fold. It’s ‘Brothers in Arms’ time.

We have been telling people for years that ‘If You Tolerate This, Then Your Children Will Be Next’ and this has now come true.

It’s time to take our fight to the government and do it in a positive way not through damage and graffiti.

The up and coming cuts affect us all in different ways, so we need to stand together AS ONE!

Malcolm Davies (Shrewsbury Editor)

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